Future Work

Using KGO’s proprietary Space Optimizer, we can capture your organization’s future vision and goals to identify how the physical workplace can respond to best support your team while establishing a call to action for your future work model.

Developing a Business Case

Using the outputs from Space Optimizer, we develop a business case for your future work model. This includes:

  • How your workforce will use the office in a hybrid working model
  • Recommendations for changing the physical workspace
  • Initiatives to get the workforce ready for hybrid working
  • A centric workplace test fit & space budget
  • A preliminary budget & schedule

Our Approach

Our process is backed by data, providing clear recommendations to maximize worker productivity and overall financial efficiency.

  • Capture remote work experience
  • Breakdown centric workspace options
  • Identify organizational drivers
  • Review utilization & space optimization
  • Provide clear and direct recommendations with ROI

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